Drake Should've Been A Guidance Counsellor

By Jeremy Cook – February 4, 2020
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It turns out Drake’s lyric “Started from the bottom now we’re here” could be the best advice for young people and youth entering the workforce. In December 2019, the unemployment rate for the 15-24 year-old age group was 9.7% in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge which is more than double the unemployment rate for 25 years and older (4.2%). A local partnership is focused on promoting varying career paths and entry level positions to youth and those entering the workforce in order to tap into this available talent pool. The key goal of the “How the Labour Market Works” initiative is to help youth, and those who support them, to better understand that the types of jobs and salaries available in their first position will be invaluable for their initial career.


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Jeremy Cook
February 4, 2020

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