Unemployment Increases in May But, Job Demand Also Increases (by 55%)

By Jeremy Cook – June 8, 2020
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Stats Canada released the latest unemployment numbers and Unemployment (unadjusted) in Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge increased to 11.1% in May from 8.3% in April, and Guelph’s increased to 13.3% compared to 8.8% in April. In May of 2019, Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge had an unemployment rate of 5.2% and Guelph was sitting at 4.9%. The good news is online job postings for Waterloo Wellington Dufferin also increased last month, providing opportunities for jobseekers. According to findyourjob.ca, there was a 55% increase in online job postings in May when compared with April of 2020. There were over 4,300 jobs posted in May of 2020 compared to just under 2,800 in April. The number of new job postings also increased substantially last month. May of 2020 saw 2,424 new postings compared to 1,786 in April.


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Jeremy Cook
June 8, 2020

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