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Keeping Career Fairs Current

After speaking with local employers and attending career fairs firsthand we noticed that the processes and layouts were in many cases the same as they had been 15 years ago. With all facets of life changing over the last three generations, why have career fairs not shaped with them?

This project was designed to hear firsthand from participants attending career fairs what they want to see at these events and what would engage them with exhibitors that they may pass over otherwise. This data will then be compiled and shared with employers and career fair organizers to showcase best practices and hopefully help attract new talent to industries and organizations who may need a new spark to continue on.

The survey has concluded at this time and once the data has been analyzed, trends and stand out issues/ideas to think about will be sent to partner organizations who conduct career fairs and the employers attending. With the help of our partners, some of these tactics will be implemented first hand to see if there is any difference in engagement for booths who usually struggle to attract talent.

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If you have any questions regarding the project please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Project Coordinator Bennett at bennett@workforceplanningboard.com

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