Is Apprenticeship For Me?

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Skilled trades are in-demand across the Waterloo Wellington Dufferin area. These 144 trades in Ontario build and renovate our homes, develop products in factories, keep cars and trucks running on our roads, work in agriculture and provide services to all of us. Skilled tradespeople are employees, contractors who choose their own paths and jobs and entrepreneurs who hire other tradespeople and develop their businesses.

Knowing that there is a need for people and that people are looking for new ways to work or their next career path, the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin has developed these 4 videos that can be shared and used with people who are exploring a skilled trades career. Their stories are unique and have taken them to different places. 

We have rounded out this page by including resources that can connect viewers with other reliable skilled trades information and programming and some questions that can spark discussion with students and job seekers. We hope you will use them to figure out "Is Apprenticeship for Me?"

"Is Apprenticeship for Me?" Video Series

Find out what skilled trades jobs are all about by hearing from people in these jobs.  We speak with area tradespeople to find out why they chose a career in skilled trades, what they enjoy about their job, and more.  Select a video below to hear from a variety of tradespeople.

Jayde - HVAC Technician

Sam - Electrician

Tyler - Plumber

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Apprenticeship Related Resources

OYAP - Information for secondary school students about the benefits of apprenticeship, getting involved in apprenticeship in high school and answering Frequently Asked Questions.

Start an Apprenticeship: - Information on the apprenticeship system in Ontario: getting prepared, getting started, funding your apprenticeship and completing it

Skills Canada-Ontario Pathways to Apprenticeship - Information for secondary students around getting involved in apprenticeship at the school level 

Pre-Apprenticeship Training Programs - If you are unsure of apprenticeship as a pathway for you, you can access pre-apprenticeship training which may help you make the decision.

Skilled Trades at Ontario Colleges - Information from community colleges around apprenticeship, resources for those exploring apprenticeship

Group follow-up questions for educators and facilitators

Here are some thoughts to ask yourself or a group if you are facilitating/teaching
  1. Which of these skilled trades appeals to you?  What parts of that work interest you? Why?
  2. What skills might you have now that you can use in these careers?
  3.  There are 144 trades divided into Industrial, Construction, Motive Power and Service categories. Look into the resources above to find out what other skilled trades might interest you. What type of education do they require? How long will they take before you can go from Apprentice to Skilled Tradesperson? Who might hire for these positions?

Check out to get an idea of who is hiring.

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