Community Connection Video Series

Videos will be developed alongside partner organizations and local experts in order to aid new community-based staff to navigate their local community resources for support on issues that have emerged multiple times over the consultation process.

Through conversations with community facing organizations, we have found that community-focused employers have faced higher than normal turnover of their staff, and new staff, especially younger staff, are often unsure of all the resources available to clients.

At the same time, more employers are facing a workforce that needs supports, beyond pay and benefits, and many want to help support their staff so that they can retain them. The increased influx of immigrants into our Regions has created employer demand for being connected into services as well. These videos will help community organization staff be prepared to work more effectively with clients while also providing employers with information to access local resources.

Topics are still being chosen at this time but will be updated once finalized.

To connect about this project or please contact Bennett MacDonald at