What Are Entry Jobs About?

What are entry jobs really about? Industry Editions.

Did you know you can gain meaningful employment without earning a degree? Did you know there are jobs that offer good wages, stability and career growth that need short-term training only? Have you struggled with searching for a right career that is hands-on and is mentored?

Entry Level Positions Video Series

CNC Machinist Full Interview

Manufacturing Full Interview

Personal Support Worker Full Interview 

Diesel Mechanic


Youth Employment and COVID-19 Pandemic
Entry-level careers: Industry Editions Resource Page

Congratulations! You are on an incredible journey to discover your potential, opportunities to develop your skills and find a good fit for your career pathway.

Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin talked to youth, employers, employment support providers and other experts in the field, and created a series of short videos showcasing youth just like you, who started their career journeys without a degree.

These youth picked professions and industries allow talent to start working right away or with short-term training or no previous training. They are careers that do not require a long-term post-secondary education that leads to debt. There are many employers out there who are eager and willing to train and upskill dedicated workers.

You need skills and practical knowledge to gain meaningful employment. University and college degrees are a fantastic source for a young individual, however, it is not the only way to gain meaningful employment and find the right career path for yourself. Check out the videos above to see if one of these career paths are right for you.

These are only few examples of the professions you can choose from. In the near future we will add links to youth employment resources and professionals that can help you find your way and make a good choice for yourself. Remember to look around and learn of the opportunities you have before you make a decision. No rush.

Employer Info Series

Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo, Wellington and Dufferin created a series of events for youth and employers to connect and myth bust some of the common misconceptions about entry-level jobs and careers that do not require a four year degree or need short-term training only. Employers talked about what it is like to work in a certain industry, what to expect from the workplace, what are some of the essential skills to work in the industry and how to be successful in the chosen industry. Video recordings of these sessions are available below.

Health Care Support Services



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Transportation and Warehousing

Film Industry

Health Care PSW

Wind Turbine Technician

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