Post-Pandemic Scenario Project

The Workforce Planning Board believes that local stakeholders need to be taking steps now to consider how we can re-build and successfully transition to the post-pandemic economy. With the expectation of full vaccinations later this year and a monitoring of economic indicators, including unemployment, employment and participation rates, the economy will start to shift to a new dynamic and we need to be prepared.

These predictions and recommendations were released as part of the Workforce Planning Board’s “Post-Pandemic Economic Scenario Planning Report”. This report highlights four probable future scenarios that explore how our labour market (supply and demand) could shift as we continue through, and out of, the pandemic. Based on these four scenarios, there is an opportunity to develop programs, practices and interventions that can minimize shock as these changes happen. Furthermore, specific actions and initiatives are recommended so that employment and training services, government, education, and community leaders can implement plans to help bridge the skills gaps, or workforce challenges, which may emerge in each scenario.

Scenario Planning Dashboard: The dashboard below is designed to help businesses, the community, and the government strategically prepare for probable futures relating to how COVID-19 may impact the labour market in the next 12 to 24 months. Click on the image below for the interactive dashboard.


Click the image above to view the Post-Pandemic Economic Scenario Planning Report release session hosted by Workforce Planning Board Executive Director Charlene Hofbauer.  This event describes some of the findings of the report and gives you a brief description of what the report is about.

Post-Pandemic Economic Scenario Planning Report

Click the image above to see the full report

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