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The Low Carbon Building Skills Initiative is a project that explores how environment friendly policies and technology may impact specific construction occupations. The project hopes to encourage young women and indigenous youth to consider the industry as a career path. Although the findings could apply to many communities in Ontario, the project conducted research and consultation in the following communities: Bruce, Grey, Huron, Perth, Dufferin, Wellington, Waterloo Region, Brant-Brantford, Norfolk, Haldimand. 

Career Opportunities in Construction

The construction industry offers many job opportunities for youth to choose from. 89% of construction employers who completed the EmployerOne survey planned to hire in the next 12 months.

Jobs in Demand: (source: Talent Neuron, Jan 1, 2018 to July 31, 2018)

-    Transport truck drivers

-    Roofers & Shinglers

-    Construction estimators

-    Accounting technicians

-    bookkeepers

-    Telecommunications installation and repair workers

-    Sheet metal workers

-    Carpentry Contractors

-    Carpentry supervisors

-    Insulators

Most Common Jobs (source: Stats Canada, 2016 Census.)

-    Carpenters

-    Electricians (except industrial and power system) 

-    Construction trades helpers and labourers 

-    Construction managers

-    Heavy equipment operators (except crane) 

-    Home building contractor

-    Home Renovation contractor

-    Heating, refrigerating and air conditioning mechanics 

-    Painters and decorators (except interior decorators) 

-    Plasterers

-    Drywall and Lather Applicator

-    Drywall finishers

Training Programs and Resources

•    Women in Trades Conestoga College

•    The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario (AABO)

•    Anishnabeg Outreach Employment and Training

•    Niagara Peninsula Aboriginal Area Management Board

Feedback from Construction Employers

We spoke to construction employers about green construction and the availability of jobs in the industry. Below is some of the feedback employer provided:

•    There is an incorrect stereotype of seasonal work in construction

•    Employers want to assure youth that full time, year-round work is available

•    students who graduate from construction programs may have some unrealistic workplace expectations

•    low-carbon policies and green technology will have little to no impact on   general labour roles

•    Majority of employers consulted identified that the training needed to address low-carbon job transformation can be done internally, on-site, or with limited external training

EmployerOne Survey

Below are some of the highlights from the EmployerOne survey completed by construction employers. The full roll-up of the EmployerOne survey is available.

-    Most of new hires were general and construction labourers

-    The top competences employers look for in this industry are work ethic, self-motivated, teamwork and technical skills. 

-    88% of employers provide training to their employees

Classroom Activity Plan


For educational purposes this activity is suitable for grades 6, 7 and 8 classrooms. It discusses the construction sector, environmental practices, impact on the environment and possible career options.

EmployerOne 2018 Construction Industry Roll-Up


Find out more about the hiring practices and the jobs available within the construction sector.

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