Digital Sales Boot Camp

By Charlene Hofbauer – May 24, 2018
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Learn to apply Design Thinking tools & methodologies to gain a better understanding of your customers and how you can best engage with them online.
Effectively marketing & selling in the digital world begins with gaining a thorough understanding of your customer. You will learn to use tools like the Customer Persona & Journey Map to better understand your customer and how they behave in the online world. And, you will begin to apply these tools to your business in our breakout session.

Learn to apply best practices from the tech startup world to efficiently and effectively test your digital marketing and selling initiatives.
The world around your Small Business is becoming increasingly fast-paced and digital. You will learn to manage digital marketing experiments that help you to adapt rapidly to your growing customer base. Then, you will roll up your sleeves and get to work mapping out and testing new marketing and selling techniques.

Learn about the Digital platforms & channels that will kickstart your digital growth.
Doing business online is no longer an option for your SME - it is essential for every business. We will help you to leverage the technology that is right for your business to unlock your digital growth. You’ll be introduced to a range of online platforms & tools, from organic social media, to paid online advertising and Google Analytics. Learn how to identify the metrics that matter to your business and the tools to capture and track the data you need. You'll get your hands dirty


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