Woman shaking hands with a man after conducting job interview

Know Your Job Seeker

The end-goal of our “Know Your Job Seeker” project is to help an employer save time and effort in connecting with the right jobseekers. Tackling this issue from a marketing lens perspective, we are targeting several broad in-demand industries: Caring, Customer Service, and Hands-On sectors, and will focus on:

  1. Understanding the supply of workers: Labour market research that explores who is available locally for the positions an employer is trying to fill.
  2. Assessing marketing effectiveness: Collecting feedback from the target audience (jobseekers) on whether current job postings are providing the information they want in order to apply.

By the end of this project we will be able to provide market insight and some best practices for job postings, to help employers attract the talent they seek.

To connect on this project contact: sonya@workforceplanningboard.com